Couples Psychotherapy

Couples Therapy is a major decision that most people tend to put off until problems become severe, much like going to any doctor (waiting until pain or symptoms develop before seeking treatment). But here’s the thing...talking helps. For well over a hundred years, psychoanalysis has developed its insights about the human condition into a highly specialized treatment for couples and individuals.

Typically, a Couples Psychotherapist helps you to communicate with your partner in a safe and contained environment. If things can be resolved in the treatment situation, they can be resolved in everyday life as well, opening up new possibilities for happiness and enjoyment with your partner.

Each treatment situation is unique and different in its own way. One couple may have experienced an acute problem, such as infidelity, and couples therapy offers a chance to salvage and repair the relationship. Another may have different views on their sexuality (and since sexuality is a major part of our biological make-up) this can create a host of emotional injuries and resentments that can be addressed in the treatment situation. Yet another may feel ‘out of love’ or ‘numb’ in the relationship, and have no idea why they feel this way. Either way, talking helps. If things can be talked about, then solving the problem through action doesn’t necessarily need to occur (and this could mean leaving the relationship, or proceeding with divorce, or cheating on your partner).

If you feel yourself suffering in some way, and it’s not getting any better with the means at your disposal call the office to make an appointment. You may become so frustrated that you are turning to substances to alleviate the pressure you’re feeling. You may feel alone with the one you love, and distanced from your friends and family because of the pain you feel. Or you may see the real possibility of the relationship ending unless you can talk to a professional and work through what you are feeling. Either way...talking helps.